Programming service

We specialize in tailored automated systems for US equity market and ready to implement your strategy with our automated trading engine very fast providing cost effective premium solution that fits all of your need. Contact us with your enquiry to get pricing and time frame.

We can build, test and launch any trading idea based on not just basic trading concepts but involves advanced portfolio construction, HFT or AI-based algorithms.

Quantitative research

Our experience allows us making rather advanced researches and perform any kind of backtests. If you feel you need help of experienced quants, feel free to contact us! There are couple of questions you probably would like to ask and get professional answers:

  • Why something goes wrong with the current strategy?
  • Is there anything we can do to make the strategy more robust?
  • Is there anything can be done with execution to reduce transaction costs?
  • How to make current trading more efficient?
  • ….

We’ll do our best to give you answers you need!