Q : Do you use this product yourself?
A : Yes we do. Everything is tested in real market conditions.

Q : Why do you want to sell this product instead of making money on market?
A : We are private traders who made really great product and we believe this technology is worth to be used by private traders to compete with large funds

Q : Don’t you think selling this product you get more competitors ?
A : There are thousands stocks, many trading systems, many strategy and portfolio construction rules users choosing themselves, so I really guess this software will not harm nor us, nor other customers

Q : Why do you plan to open your strategies?
A : We really think simple strategies are very efficient, but the main problem is following your systems.

Q : How many stocks can be traded simultaneously?
A : We believe something about 500.

Q : What is the system requirement?
A : At the moment, The Unshrodinger Box loves fast computers with a lot of memory and SSD drive. Something like i7-3500mHz, 16gb, 128Gb SSD with Windows 7 64-bit or newer.