was created in 2014 by myself, Eugene Koinov. This is my solo project, where I am the programmer, trader, and entrepreneur.

When I saw a computer at 6 years old, it was love at first sight. I started writing Basic programs when I was 12. By 15, I had moved onto assembly language and reverse engineering. Then I played with software protection methods and cryptoanalysis.

I studied Accontancy and Audit at Saint-Petersburg University of Economics and during this time, I started a software security company called JSC Seculab with two of my friends. In 2006, JSC Seculab became an exclusive partner with SenseLock Software Technology Co Ltd.

In 2009 I left Seculab to learn quantitative trading. As a private trader I traded futures in CME and stocks in New York. I was passionated about all aspects of trading, from algorithmic trading implementation and backtesting to making complete trading systems handling orders execution, risk management, and portfolio construction. Starting from basic algorithms I moved to data mining and machine learning. In my trading systems I utilize the possibility to analyze big data and trade many systems simultaneously over short period of time to achieve decent returns.

The Unshrodinger’s Box is the result of my years in working with financial markets. I developed it for my own trading needs and put my heart and soul into the project. The finished result was better than other commercial products, so I decided to offer this product to public. I hope you will have as much fun using it as I did building it!